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 Focusing on the 3DTV Experience

First comprehensive study including exposure to 3DTV content in both qualitative focus groups and a full quantitative study

For pricing information, please contact Linda LaVigne at or at 301.485.8923.


It seems everywhere you turn, everyone’s talking about 3D.  From movies to sports, concerts and even television shows, 3D content is blossoming all around us.  However, with all the hype over 3DTV, do marketers really know how consumers truly feel about 3DTV? 
This comprehensive study examines consumers’ real perceptions of 3DTV by exposing them to 3DTV content across numerous genres, including video games, in both qualitative focus groups and a full quantitative study.  By better understanding how 3DTV will impact technology adoption and consumer behavior, cable companies, programmers and advertising agencies can get the insights they need to plan their 3DTV strategy.
This ground-breaking study will:

  • Garner insights on what marketers need to know to plan their 3DTV delivery and marketing strategies
  • Gauge consumer awareness and familiarity with 3DTV
  • Profile early 3DTV adopters
  • Probe on appealing genres, including sports, movies, animation, comedy, drama, nature, concerts and events
  • Provide a reality check from consumers on the benefits and weaknesses surrounding the 3DTV experience, including technology needed to view in 3D, compatibility of glasses and potential costs
  • Understand how 3DTV will impact technology adoption and consumer behavior
  • Develop learnings on how to market and educate viewers about 3DTV
  • Create a snapshot of the impact of 3D on the gaming world



By subscribing to the Focusing on the 3DTV Experience study, you will receive the following deliverables:

  • Executive Report:  An executive briefing ideal for presenting executives, marketers and advertisers with a snapshot of the study’s key findings.
  • Full Comprehensive Report:  A full report, including a topline executive summary, in-depth analysis and integrated graphics for both the qualitative focus groups and quantitative respondents.
  • 3DTV FAQ: A document developed by the CTAM Advanced Cable Solutions Consortium (ACSC) to answer questions about 3DTV for multiple audiences.
  • Webcast presentation with Q&A


Share Key Findings with Your Co-Workers

All employees from subscribing companies are invited to participate in the 3D Webcast presentation, including key findings, actionable insights, as well as a Q&A session with 3D analysts.


This study will be conducted in Sony's 3D Experience Lab at CBS Vision TV City; the first research facility with the ability to test 3D content. 
Qualitative Component:  Respondents receive first-hand, the true 3DTV experience, watching 3DTV content in various genres in a real-world living room setting. 

  • Age 18+, with groups of families with children
  • Total sample of approximately 50 people
  • 12 focus groups (3-5 people per group)
  • Various levels of technology adoption


Quantitative Component:  Respondents view 3DTV content in a theater screening room, with 12-15 other respondents followed by a 30-minute survey. 


  • 400 respondents, A18+
  • Watch at least 5+ hours of television
  • Balanced by age/gender to U.S. population
  • Various levels of technology adoption


This is the first-ever large scale quantitative research with consumers actively viewing 3DTV content. 

Order Information:

For pricing information, please contact Linda LaVigne at or at 301.485.8923.

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