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 Advanced Cable Resources

The future, explained.

Drawing from leading thinkers among video distributors, content providers and technology developers, CTAM’s Residential Products Council is at the forefront of what’s happening in the new media space. Here’s a look at important work the Consortium has produced to help define and position advanced services that are powered by cable.

Advanced Video Guide
Learn about the cutting-edge technologies haping the future of cable.

Defining "multiplatform"
It’s the biggest buzzword in television. Now there’s a shared definition for it.

On Demand Resources
Learn how one of cable's hottest products is becoming more advanced.

3DTV - Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
3DTV is taking the world of entertainment by storm. Here’s how to become an instant expert in the medium of tomorrow.

All About Metrics
It's not just about counting viewers and their set-tops.

The way devices connect to the Internet is about to change forever.