Tech and Home Design Pros Offer Top Secrets to a Successful Move


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(National Harbor, MD—August 1, 2013) Approximately forty million Americans pack up their homes and move to a new address each year, and no one will say it’s simple. The differing reasons people move – job transfers, upgrading, downsizing, expanding families – complicate an already tough process and missteps multiply from there.  David Gregg, a new product journalist and senior editor of BehindtheBuy.com, and TV designer and makeover expert, Libby Langdon, say you can avoid the worst pitfalls, but first it is important to have a clear action plan.  Movers need to carefully think about all three phases of moving: preparing ahead, making the move, and getting settled.  Now Gregg and Langdon have provided invaluable tips for stressed movers at www.cablemover.com.

Gregg says, “Given how important technology is in facilitating every aspect of our lives, it is a ‘must’ to have your high-speed Internet, phone and cable television service connected on the first day of your move.  I like the Cable Mover site because it allows you to schedule a cable service disconnect and the new connection dates before the move, plus special offers where available. ” 

Gregg also says that you should rethink your technology needs as you plan out the entertainment center in your new home.  “People are often confused about what size TV to put in a room.  The truth is, bigger isn’t always better.  You can save money by buying the right size TV for a room using a simple chart, also found on http://cablemover.com

Langdon believes that every home should reflect its occupants.  She says, “Even if you are renting, living in a small space or living on your own for the first time, you want to feel at home there and the design should reflect your personality.  Renting and can’t use paint?  No problem!”  She suggests using removable wallpaper, along with other rent-safe options on www.cablemover.com

Langdon adds, “If you are painting, think in ‘threes’ for your palette. Stick to two neutral paints and one bold one for a designer look.  And if your space is small, use clever tricks such as high headboards and larger area rugs to visually extend the space and give the illusion of more square footage.”

Both experts agree it’s important to remember to set aside everyday items, such as the coffeemaker, children’s favorite toys, remote controls and blankets and pillows for that last load box, also known as the “survival box.” This will make the first day and night in the new home much more comfortable.

Movers can learn about other important topics, such as interstate moves, home security and home décor by viewing videos and reading articles year around at www.cablemover.com. Plus, consumers can get daily moving tips and offer their own moving advice on Facebook

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Tech and Home Design Pros Offer Top Secrets to a Successful Move
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