Neustar is a global leader in trusted, neutral real-time information services. Because our business model gives us unique access to authoritative identity sources, both offline and online, we’re trusted by the world’s greatest brands using a 360 view of real identity across People, Places and Things to make critical decisions some 20 billion
times a day

Neustar Marketing Solutions provides always-on intelligence to Fortune 1000 brand marketers and analysts to create, activate, and control people-centric customer experiences across all channels. The Neustar Identity Data Management Platform (IDMP), powered by the OneID system, normalizes all consumer signals – connecting first, second, and third party data for a singular view of the customer. The only solution in the marketplace that provides an end-to-end system of trusted identity and actionable insights including Media Mix Modeling (MMM), Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA), Closed-Loop Measurement, and Omnichannel Remarketing. Build and refine audience segmentation with demographic, geographic, and behavioral attributes. Use everything you know about a person to inform all of the decisions and personalized interactions that you are delivering across all touchpoints.