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 About CTAM

In a nutshell…

CTAM is all about helping the cable business grow. Here’s how.

Our mission: Provide marketing knowledge and industry scale to help our members manage the future and drive business results today. 

Our vision: Serve as an indispensable partner in growing and strengthening the cable business.

Our strategy: Develop and direct initiatives by which members will succeed together more powerfully than they would independently.

Our objectives:

  • Directly Impact Business Performance
  • Define Business Issues and Align on Solutions
  • Provide Knowledge Services to Individuals

Our tools: We provide consumer research, an interactive executive innovation series, conferences, awards and the "CTAM SmartBrief" intelligence resource to individual members. On behalf of 90 corporate members, we lead the Residential Products Council and Business Services Council, and we facilitate national cooperative marketing efforts including the Cable Mover Hotline® and Movies On Demand® initiatives.

Our coordinates: Our corporate website is and CTAM can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.