About CTAM


In a nutshell…

CTAM is all about helping the cable business grow. Here’s how.

Our mission: Provide marketing knowledge and industry scale to help our members manage the future and drive business results today. 

Our vision: Serve as an indispensable partner in growing and strengthening the cable business.

Our strategy: Develop and direct initiatives by which members will succeed together more powerfully than they would independently.

Our objectives:

  • Directly Impact Business Performance
  • Define Business Issues and Align on Solutions
  • Provide Knowledge Services to Individuals

Our tools: We bring together subject matter experts to advance business projects, influence strategy with consumer research, deliver executive education and a daily, industry news resource, CTAM SmartBrief.  On behalf of nearly 90 corporate member companies, we lead the Advanced Video Council and Business Services Council, as well as facilitate a national cooperative marketing effort, including Cable Mover Hotline® and Movies On Demand® initiatives.

Our coordinates: Our corporate website is www.ctam.com and CTAM can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.​​​​