The network will see you now.

Digital imaging, electronic records, emerging regulatory demands and tele-medicine possibilities all require a critical new ingredient in the prescription for healthcare excellence: bandwidth. And increasingly, hospitals, clinics, physicians and caretakers are turning to their local cable companies to get it.

One big reason revolves around network ownership. Unlike third-party resellers, cable companies own and operate their own high-speed, high-performance, locally managed data networks, giving healthcare professionals an extremely reliable choice as they undertake a generational telecommunications modernization. That’s important, because working with your cable company makes an impact where it matters most: on patient experience. From supplying reliable in-room or waiting room Internet service to dedicating bandwidth for massive image file transfers, cable companies are helping caretakers improve patient experiences across the care continuum.

It helps that cable speaks the language of healthcare, too. With category experts who know the intricacies of HIPAA, the merits of virtual collaboration and the ins-and-outs of electronic records management, cable companies are ideally suited to help craft custom solutions that elevate the standard for health care excellence.

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