The Perfect Fit for the Healthcare Industry

"With a complete suite of telecommunications offerings and the scale to support new capabilities and demands as they emerge, cable business services help organizations enhance patient experiences and improve overall health outcomes. In this era of rapid regulatory, financial, organizational, and technical change, cable companies are delivering the services that matter.” - Ken Kraft, VP of Marketing, Cox Business

The quote above from Mr. Kraft represents the enormous opportunity in front of the cable industry going forward. Research commissioned by CTAM and performed by HIMSS Analytics shows that many hospitals, clinics, and physicians' offices do not have the IT infrastructure necessary to support their goals for improved patient comfort and care. Recognizing that gap, cable companies are stepping in with solutions to better enable information sharing, communications support, and improved patient experience across all points of the healthcare delivery network.

The study findings were eye-opening: The top strategic priorities for healthcare IT departments simply don’t match up with the level of support currently being used in-house—including the ability to digitize medical records and enable more information exchange and collaboration. This is where the cable industry is well-suited for serious business gains, with a proven ability to provide consistently reliable and secure connectivity in commercial healthcare environments.

Reliability Personified:

Kings Harbor is located in a section of the Bronx, N.Y., that was hit hard by Superstorm Sandy. For a full week the organization was without power and had to rely on backup generators to keep the facility running. The Lightpath network stayed up for the duration of the power outage, enabling Kings Harbor to communicate as needed throughout the storm and continue providing care.

"We are so pleased with how our network performed during and in the aftermath of the storm," said CIO, Kenneth Scharf. "Additionally, even though our network was up, we were still getting proactive calls from Lightpath asking if we had everything we needed. Our relationship with the company is unlike any we've had with a utilities provider."

The HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition,  recently held in Orlando, Fla., was well attended by cable companies, including exhibit booths from Charter Business, Comcast Business, Cox Business, and Time Warner Cable Business Class/NaviSite. Three key takeaways from the event:

Cable is uniquely capable of ensuring complete health system connectivity Cable delivers the total patient experience Cable serves the same communities as healthcare companies.

The HIMSS study found that nearly three-quarters of respondents are planning some type of activity in at least one of the telecommunications areas tracked in the report.

IT Executives state being most likely to expand Internet, Network, and Wi-Fi services. Internet (42 percent) and Network (27 percent) services are two of the top three areas in which respondents are willing to consider use of cable technology.

CTAM is building a strong case for the cable industry to make significant gains in this market. It has become a perfect storm of a strong, scalable capability matched perfectly with an industry need.

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