E. Customer Relations Marketing
23. TV Spot or Promo or Other Video
Bronze Winner

Operation Mail Call

Atlantic Broadband

Submitted by: Natalie A. Kurchak - Marketing Manager - Atlantic Broadband

Marketing Team: Richard J. Shea - VP & Chief Information Officer - Atlantic Broadband; Natalie A. Kurchak - Marketing Manager - Atlantic Broadband; Karen Sida Concannon - Videographer/Editor - Atlantic Broadband

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

Operation Mail Call is Atlantic Broadband’s way of supporting the families and the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines that are supporting our country in time of need and in harm’s way. Atlantic Broadband’s Operation Mail Call will provide all customer households with an immediate family member stationed in the Iraq or Afghanistan combat zones – husband, wife, son, daughter, father or mother – free Internet service. If the family member resides with the grandparents, the grandparents are eligible for the free service. They receive Atlantic Broadband Preferred 3 Megabit HSI Service, a free cable modem, and five separate e-mail accounts.


The company saw the efforts of the U.S. military groups “We Support You”, the “Freedom Calls Foundation” and the “Military Family Association”, to provide troops in the field with Internet connections. But it also recognized a gap here at home, with many families lacking the resources to make the connection from their own homes. Atlantic Broadband’s technology and communications tools put the company in a unique position to help ease the anxiety of separation that families endure in wartime. It will put them in touch more often and more personally, with their loved ones in the two war zones overseas.


The primary method of promotion for Operation Mail Call was cross channel promotion via a thirty second television spot. Media response has been favorable. The local CBS affiliate in Altoona, PA ran a feature story on one of our local families featured in the commercial. We now have over 100 customers utilizing our free High-Speed Internet connection.