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Metro Ethernet Sales Promotion

Cox Business - San Diego

Submitted by: Becca Linekin - Marketing Manager - Cox Business

Marketing Team: Becca Linekin - Marketing Manager - Cox Business Cox Business

Creative Team: Ian LeWinter - - ID Communication; Don Richmond - - ID Communication

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

Enterprise-level data network services are a critical strategic investment, with buying decisions often made by C-level executives. Cox Business has an excellent reputation in the San Diego market as a service provider for small- to medium-sized businesses, but is not always top of mind for advanced data networks. They needed a creative way to get and keep the attention of prospective buyers, and entice them to hear about the solutions Cox Business offers.


Cox Business divided their promotion distribution list into two segments, all C-level executives in San Diego who did not have a previous relationship with Cox Business. Cox Business marketing then devised a gift box (containing high-value items) to be given to the prospects in the premium segment. Prospects were offered a La Costa Spa gift certificate (either a spa day or a golf day plus discounts) or a $100 Shell gift card (depending on segment) if they would agree to take a 20-minute meeting with a Cox Business representative to learn more about Metro Ethernet.


The premium segment box, Cox-branded and custom designed, held luxurious packaging (containing premium items of La Costa Spa lotions and an eye pillow) as well as a series of soft-sell one-word messaging inserts designed to evoke positive reactions from the prospects, who would likely be familiar with La Costa. The insert would also contain the call to action messaging designed to entice the prospect into requesting a meeting (and receiving the spa/golf certificate). Recipients of the direct mail piece would learn about Metro Ethernet, and were given three mechanisms for contact (to schedule a meeting and receive a gift card).


The Metro Ethernet Sales Promotion premium boxes and direct mail pieces were a success, achieving a 20.65% take rate (confirmed meetings with targeted prospects), which exceeded the expectations of 20% set by Cox Business. The sales team gathered 29 appointments and submitted 11 proposals, and made 4 high-dollar sales, the total revenue of which paid for the program 17 times over—all within the first 60 days. Several Cox Business reps said that the campaign was the tool that "finally got me in the door." (Note: as a privately held company, Cox Business does not disclose financial details.)