E. Customer Relations Marketing
23. TV Spot or Promo or Other Video
Bronze Winner

Did You Know?

Time Warner Cable - Los Angeles

Submitted by: Bill Erickson - RVP, Marketing & Sales - Time Warner Cable

Marketing Team: Laura Koester - VP Marketing - Time Warner Cable West Region; Bernice Brennan - Coordinator - Time Warner Cable West Region; Lenis Choi - Marketing Manager - Time Warner Cable West Region

Creative Team: Leila Reynolds - VP Account Management - Kovel/Fuller; Marissa Pittam - Account Executive - Kovel/Fuller

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

Los Angeles is a highly competitive market with Cable, Satellite, AT&T and Verizon fighting for customers. Satellite, AT&T and Verizon position their services as superior to cable and flood the marketplace with anti-cable messages. As a result, Time Warner Cable’s competitive churn has increased.


• Introduce each execution with "Did You Know?" so that the consumer recognizes that it is informational and not a sales message • Showcase one feature, benefit or product enhancement in each execution to increase awareness and get the consumer excited about the product(s), e.g., increased Internet speeds, unlimited nationwide calling, bigger On Demand library, etc.


The “Did You Know?” campaign was broadcast in the Los Angeles Time Warner Cable footprint via :30 cross channel, to target exist customers. The creative ran concurrently with both local and nationally produced competitive creative. The “Did You Know?” spots were aired to complement Time Warner Cable’s other cross channel spots with the same message. For example, the “Did You Know?” High-Speed Internet spot aired more frequently during time periods that the company heavily promoted High-Speed Internet.