A. Acquisition and Upgrade Marketing
06. TV Spot or Promo
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Cablevision Systems.com

Submitted by: Joe P. Leonard - VP, Mass Marketing - Cablevision Systems Corp.

Marketing Team: Joe Leonard - VP Marketing & Advertising - Cablevision; Nancy Olsen - Director, Marketing & Advertising - Cablevision;

Creative Team: Tom Nelson - Creative Director - Gardner Nelson & Partners; Paul Hackett - Partner, Associate Creative Director - Gardner Nelson & Partners; Jaydee Jana - Partner, Associate Creative Director - Gardner Nelson & Partners

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

Optimum has an advantage over FiOS in HD sports programming, broadcasting all 9 major NY sports teams in HD. Cablevision wanted to strengthen the brand’s association with NFL football by advertising during the Jets and Giants games on CBS and Fox.


The plan was to create a branding spot(s) focusing on the benefits of the Optimum Triple Play and how each of the products works together. Whether it’s iO Shortcuts for local traffic and weather to controlling your DVR on line so you never miss a game to using Optimum Voice with 13 calling features all communicating that the Optimum Triple Play is the ultimate triple play for sports fans.


Two :30 spots called “Teamwork” and “Pep Talk” were created to highlight the products and benefits available with the Optimum Triple Play. The spots ran heavily on Broadcast TV during football season to reach non-subs in the New York DMA.