G. Multicultural Marketing
06. TV Spot or Promo
Gold Winner

Hispanic TP DRTV

Cablevision Systems Corp.

Submitted by: Joe P. Leonard - VP, Mass Marketing - Cablevision Systems Corp.

Marketing Team: Joe Leonard - VP, Marketing & Advertising - Cablevision; Victor Garcia-Bory - Director Marketing Management - Cablevision; Adrian Jordan - Marketing Manager - Cablevision

Creative Team: Caroline Fish - Creative Director - Global Works; Iñaki Escuerdo - Creative Director - Global Works; Jorge Moret - Art Director - Global Works; Beatriz Valdes - Account Director - Global Works; Miguel Villagran - Account Supervisor - Global Works

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

In a hypercompetitive environment in which multiple non-MSO competitors aggressively sought to increase their market penetration, the Optimum Triple Play Hispanic campaign continues to be successful in 2009. The challenge was to strengthen and keep the campaign fresh and relevant while also outlining Optimum Triple Play’s competitive advantages and key customer benefits.


As part of the ongoing Triple Play marketing campaign, we created a series of Music Video based commercials which are driven by compelling customer and product insights. The creative approach used for all three spots is relevant to, and innovative in, the marketplace. To drive call volume and sales as well as to maintain the Optimum Triple Play top of mind and persuasion levels among non-subs in the New York DMA, we utilized these unique :60 spots in local broadcast TV networks avails.


We created three :60 seconds Music-Video spots (Beauty Salon, Newsstand, and Funhouse) which communicate our products key features while highlighting key customer benefits. Beauty Salon represents a fun and visually compelling slice-of-life approach that resonates with all segments within our Hispanic audiences. Newsstand takes the campaign up to a higher level of production values and relevancy by highlighting our products attributes in a fun and impactful way. Funhouse’s innovative creative and production techniques contributed create a compelling and enjoyable TV commercial that focuses on what our customers most care about: the benefits that the Optimum Triple Play bring to them.