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01. Campaign
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Nuevo Cable Latino Launch


Submitted by: Sarah Santos - Marketing Specialist - Comcast Cable WA Region

Marketing Team: Sarah Santos - Marketing Specialist - Comcast Cable - WA Region; Jan Wachholz - MarCom Director - Comcast Cable - WA Region; Tara Young - Marketing Manager - Comcast Cable - WA Region; Craig Friedson - Director of Marketing - Comcast Cable - WA Region

Creative Team: Roberto Garcia - Chief Art Director - Negoarte Graphic Design Studio; Carmen Esparza - President and CEO - Esparza + Business Communications; Lauri Jordana - Principal - Conexion Marketing; Kelly Sparks - Founder - Visual Media Group

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

The marketplace was confronted with a limited number of Spanish language channels which made it difficult to compete effectively and gain market share in this highly desirable, growing demographic. Efforts were made to increase the Spanish language channels by 363% surpassing all other providers in channel count while ensuring diversification of programming. The local marketing challenge was to create a launch plan that would drive excitement in the community to drive adoption rates and quickly catapult Comcast into the premier destination for Spanish language television programming.


The overall plan was to focus attention on Comcast and its connection to the Hispanic community. By associating the brand with a well-known, local, Hispanic sports figure Freddy Montero, we were able to bring awareness to Comcast. After associating the brand with a local spokesperson, we executed the media plan to build further excitement in the Hispanic community with the intrigue campaign. We then created awareness with the local media by inviting them to a private launch party and finally sponsored the Fiestas Patrias event where we interacted face to face with our market to introduce the new channel line-up.


The media plan commenced with an “intrigue campaign”. Media was placed through Radio, Print, and Online to create excitement that “something was coming”. Grassroots efforts followed by engaging the community at its core – launch party to unveil the new programming which included all local Hispanic media, key political and business leaders, and the community at-large were invited to attend, and the following weekend Comcast sponsored the largest Hispanic event in the state, Fiestas Patrias. These two events culminated the kick-off of the media: Direct Mail, TV, Radio, Print, and Freddy Montero (local spokesperson who plays soccer for the Seattle Sounders).


The Washington Market lost Hispanic subscribers the first half of 2009. Upon marketing the expanded Spanish-language programming in the second half of the year, the Washington Market experienced a substantial increase in Hispanic sub gain and produced a 48% lift over the same period in 2008. Response rates for DM saw the same pattern; the average response rate for the first half of the year was 0.97% versus 14.65% for the second half. Another major achievement was the launch-party where all local Spanish-language media picked up the press-release and included the piece in their write-ups of the event.