A. Acquisition and Upgrade Marketing
06. TV Spot or Promo
Bronze Winner

DVR Balance

D4 Creative Group

Submitted by: Jill Isherwood - Account Manager - D4 Creative Group

Marketing Team: Rick Lang - SVP Sales & Marketing - Comcast - Eastern Division; Marge Jackson - VP Marketing - Comcast - Eastern Division; Amy Johnston-Smith - Director of Marketing - Comcast - Eastern Division; Kimberly Whalen - Marketing Specialist - Comcast - Eastern Division

Creative Team: Dave Lesser - Creative Director - D4 Creative Group; Scott Whitham - Director - D4 Creative Group; Angela - Mancini - D4 Creative Group; Chris Zurzolo - Director, Audio Department - D4 Creative Group; Mike Cardeiro - Animator/After Effects - D4 Creative Group

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

Being in a Verizon FiOS footprint, Comcast wanted another unique selling proposition that would help to combat against churn, and to deter their current customers from disconnecting in order to switch to FiOS.


Comcast wanted to provide an informational spot that easily demonstrated what the new enhancements would allow consumers to do and the benefits to the consumer.


To reach current Digital Cable subscribers, Cross-Channel TV was the medium that was chosen.