E. Customer Relations Marketing
23. TV Spot or Promo or Other Video
Bronze Winner

Customer Communications Wave 1

D4 Creative Group

Submitted by: Jill Isherwood - Account Manager - D4 Creative Group

Marketing Team: Steven Eliasof - VP, Marketing - Insight Communications; Pam Halling - Senior VP, Brand - Insight Communications; Dinni Jain - President, COO - Insight Communications; Robert Schwartz - Consultant -; Denise Mast - Senior Manager, Customer Communications - Insight Communications

Creative Team: Dave Lesser - Creative Director - D4 Creative Group; Angela Mancini - Agency Producer - D4 Creative Group; Mike Cardeiro - Animator/Affer Effects - D4 Creative Group; Sara Stuard - VP, Account Services - D4 Creative Group; Wicky Lee/Dennis Beerley - VP, Graphic Design - D4 Creative Group

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

Customers kept calling Call Centers with specific questions on how to use products. Also people not being aware of how to use advanced products lead Insight/D4 to develop these spots.


Insight wanted to provide an informational spot that easily demonstrated what their current services offered, as well as benefits to the consumer.


To reach current Insight subscribers, Cross-Channel TV was the medium that was chosen.