A. Acquisition and Upgrade Marketing
18. Direct Mail or Print or OOH
Gold Winner

Warp Speed Billboard

Mediacom Communications Corporation

Submitted by: Meghan Sabin - Account Coordinator -
 Flynn Wright

Marketing Team: Jeri Williams - Senior Vice President, North Central Division - Mediacom Communications Corporation; Mike Rahimi - Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing - Mediacom Communications Corporation; Gary Lindemann - Senior Director of Marketing - Mediacom Communications Corporation

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

In most Mediacom markets the company's online services face competition from phone and satellite companies' DSL services. Mediacom was launching a much higher download speed, up to 15 Mbps for bundle customers, and wanted to draw attention to this very desirable product feature.


Mediacom wished to "own" the speed issue for the long term, effectively shutting competitors out of making any claims. Instead of heavily promoting the actual speed, a number many consumers don’t understand, the focus was instead on a graphic treatment to illustrate the idea and position Mediacom has the high-tech leader.


As the centerpiece of an overall campaign, Mediacom created a highly memorable 3-D rotary board that used a two-story computer mouse trailing an extension of flames running down the pole. The headline read, succinctly, "Warp Speed"; news outlets were alerted to postings; poster boards and direct mail using this imagery solidified the message.