A. Acquisition and Upgrade Marketing
06. TV Spot or Promo
Silver Winner

MyPrimetime Expansion TV

Cox Communications

Submitted by: Courtney C. Wood - Director, Acquisition Marketing - Cox Communications

Marketing Team: Bob Nocera - Director, New Video Services - Cox Communications; Denise Myers - Director, On Demand/PPV Marketing - Cox Communications; Rachel Hubscher - Director, Creative Services & Branding - Cox Communications; Dawn Vaughn - Manager, Advertising - Cox Communications

Creative Team: Quinn Bison - Account Supervisor - Doner

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

As the multi channel video marketplace becomes more competitive, it is imperative for Cox to look for opportunities to message product differentiators. A key differentiator for Cox is MyPrimetime On Demand. MyPrimetime offers the best shows on TV free On Demand starting the day after they air. Over the past two years the MyPrimetime category has expanded from 2 networks and 20 shows to more than 15 networks with over 100 different shows. This dramatic content expansion offered an opportunity to reintroduced MyPrimetime to customers who had not used the service. The budget for the campaign was approximately $500,000.


A TV campaign was designed to message the key benefit of MyPrimetime - viewing flexibility. It was important to create TV spots that could appeal to different target segments among our customer base while maintaining a consistent theme and message. Three animated TV spots were produced for use on cross channel. The message was simple – My busy life means I need MyPrimetime.


Three TV spots were created in order to reach a broad customer base in a short period of time. In order to maximize impact, the TV spots utilized an animation look and feel that had not been previously used by Cox. Cox worked collaboratively with multiple networks to incorporate video from their top shows into the spots. Each spot has a unique perspective, including a busy single woman, a busy dad, and a heavy TV viewer. The spots aired on Cox corporate cross channel as well as on system cross channel from September through December.