A. Acquisition and Upgrade Marketing
01. Campaign
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Submitted by: Pete C. Rubin - Partner - Cablequest Partners

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Creative Team: Jason M. Gottshall - Senior Copywriter - CableQuest; M. Brandon Melgaard - Manager of Interactive Services - CableQuest; Josh Tumpak - Motion Graphics Director - CableQuest

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

The primary challenge within the marketplace was competitive pressure. Other providers were entering Comcast Chattanooga’s footprint and challenging the MSO for its share of the high-speed Internet market. Additionally, Comcast faced the challenge of being viewed as “the stodgy cable company.” To combat this, the MSO needed to inform its footprint of recent technological advances and the availability of innovative services.


In an effort to maintain, and potentially gain, share in the high-speed Internet market, Comcast Chattanooga needed to both introduce its new service levels to heavy Internet users and reinforce the innovation of its brand to the general population. To accomplish this, a sleek creative concept was developed. It resonated well with heavy Internet users, but also attracted the attention of other subsets within Comcast’s footprint.


A TV spot served as the primary driver of this campaign. Its purpose was to inform Comcast Chattanooga’s footprint of newly available high-speed Internet service levels. In addition, direct mail served as a targeted marketing approach. It reached the consumers (and current Comcast customers) most likely to purchase such high-speed Internet service levels.


This campaign increased Comcast High Speed Internet connections in the Chattanooga division by 69% during its two-month run. This figure is based on total net additions in June and July, as compared to those of the previous two months.