A. Acquisition and Upgrade Marketing
06. TV Spot or Promo
Gold Winner

Unbelievably Fair

Cox Communications

Submitted by: Courtney C. Wood - Director, Acquisition Marketing - Cox Communications

Marketing Team: David Pugliese - SVP, Marketing - Cox Communications; Tony Maldonado - VP, Acquisition & Mktg Sciences - Cox Communications; Keith Davis - Director, Wireless Mktg - Cox Communications; Rachel Hubscher - Director, Brand & Advertising - Cox Communications; Jennifer Schaknowski - Manager, Brand & Advertising - Cox Communications

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

To incite consumer interest around the debut of Cox Wireless, the team developed a tease campaign entitled, “Unbelievably Fair.” Knowing that we were launching into a highly competitive and mature market space, the team felt strongly that we had to quickly engage the consumer by showing them all the things that are so unfair about their current wireless service provider. Budget: $400K.


Unbelievably Fair is an integrated marketing campaign utilizing social media, PR, brand, and direct marketing techniques to inform consumers that a new, Unbelievably Fair choice in wireless service will soon be available. Each element of the campaign links to others creating a sequential chain of customer touch-points that each tells a different part of the Unbelievably Fair story.


First, we designed TV spots highlighting common consumer pain-points in wireless space. To further pique interest, the spots lacked direct reference to Cox. They did, however, feature a brief on-screen appearance by Cox’s brand ambassador, Digi. Each spot invited viewers to Unbelievably Fair.com to learn more. At the website customers were let in on the secret Cox would soon offer wireless. Additionally, the website collected leads from interested customers promising them a special VIP offer when Cox Wireless became available. We also created a FaceBook page and a press release announcing Cox Wireless. All elements drove readers to the website.