A. Acquisition and Upgrade Marketing
18. Direct Mail or Print or OOH
Silver Winner

Get More of What You Love

SWIRE on behalf of Cox San Diego

Submitted by: Brenda Voorting - Director of Client Solutions - Swire

Marketing Team: Pawny Parsai - Marketing Competitive Strategy & Retention Manager - Cox Communications San Diego Cox Communications San Diego

Creative Team: SWIRE Team: Joe Burke – EVP, Creative; Mark Snow – EVP, Planning & Analysis; Kyle Prough - Creative Director; Sara Simon - Account Manager

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

Cox San Diego was under attack by AT&T U-Verse. The competition was running broadcast spots hammering a multi-room DVR message. Cox San Diego needed to change the conversation and re-engage their current customers with a compelling message and offer within a much smaller direct mail budget.


The strategy was to retain existing customers via discounts on DVR service and to drive home the content-centric message “Get More of What You Love”. The creative was a fantasy experience of TV characters living in the environment of an actual DVR. The inside of the piece was competitive messaging with an “AT&T can’t compete” message citing Cox’s advantages.


The campaign was primarily a targeted Direct Mail effort: we chose a self-mailer with aggressive messaging and visuals to grab the recipient with key benefits. Results: Over three waves to two target groups, average response was 3.24% per wave (calls over total pieces mailed) vs. a typical campaign response rate of +/- 1%. Over the 3 waves, 9.18% of all households touched responded to the offer, representing 4,865 calls to 53,000 households over 3 waves. In the end, 4.6% of targeted households connected to the service, 360% higher than the “natural” connect rate of the control groups. Complete Success!