C. Business Services
06. TV Spot or Promo
Silver Winner

Custom Fit - Elevator

Cox Business

Submitted by: Courtney C. Wood - Director, Acquisition Marketing - Cox Communications

Marketing Team: Tony Maldonado - VP, Acquisition & Marketing Sciences - Cox Communications; Rachel Hubscher - Director, Brand & Advertising - Cox Communications; Murray Goldstein - Director, Commercial Mktg Strategy - Cox Communications; Jennifer Schaknowski - Manager, Brand & Advertising - Cox Communications; Priscilla Wanyeki - Manager, Commercial Mktg - Cox Communications

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

ILECs have long been the safe choice when it comes to business services, especially with large enterprise businesses. Customer research shows that Cox Business has a clear advantage over the ILEC with responsiveness, local presence and flexibility. A key differentiator between Cox Business and our competitors is our ability to customize the right solution tailored to your business’ unique needs. The budget for this spot was approximately $329,795. The spot was trafficked as part of the corporate cross channel inventory and augmented by system distribution as well.


The plan was to position Cox Business as the partner who will deliver a customized communications solution that’s as unique as your business. In fact, we’ll provide your business with a “better fit” than other providers. We used dramatic imagery of business people struggling with the wrong sized communications solutions, to demonstrate our powerful message: “At Cox, we design custom communications solutions for your business that are just right. And that gives your company the tools it needs to grow.”


The objectives were met by creating a message that had relevance and interest for the target audience. The TV spot was provided on a toolkit, to approximately 20 different markets, for implementation at a local system level. We took advantage of Cox’s own cross-channel inventory to communicate our message and keep Cox Business top of mind.