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Time Warner Cable / Best Buy Store-Within-A-Store

Time Warner Cable

Submitted by: Elaine Covington - Marketing Manager - Time Warner Cable

Marketing Team: William Ortiz - Vice President Corporate Marketing Communications - Time Warner Cable; Cindy Heitsman - Senior Director Corporate Marketing Communications - Time Warner Cable; Elaine Covington - Competitive and Tarket Marketing Manager - Time Warner Cable; Larry Cindea - Vice President Retail Marketing - Time Warner Cable; Michael Locke - Director National Accounts - Time Warner Cable

Creative Team: Bruce Edwards - Executive Vice President Creative Director - FAME; Eric Weiss - Design Director - FAME; Conrad Chin - Environmental Design Director - FAME; Chris Yocum - Copywriter - FAME; Andrea Hartneck - Account Supervisor - FAME

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

Today’s consumers are more time crunched than ever and are looking for a store that offers one-stop shopping to fit in with their busy lifestyle. To meet this need, Time Warner Cable (TWC) and big box retailer Best Buy (BBY) partnered to provide customers with one place to purchase their new technology, learn more about the products and sign up for service.


The overall strategy was to bring the TWC brand to life by offering the consumer a physical, tangible location where they could experience the brand and sign up for service. From logotype to messaging, the brand would be clearly and concisely articulated at retail. It was imperative that the TWC brand be inviting and approachable while reinforcing the “empowering you to make the connections that matter most” positioning and bringing it to the forefront in the consumers mind.


TWC and BBY identified multiple store-within-a-store (SWS) locations based on available space. In some instances, more permanent locations were identified while other stores utilized more temporary placement. The SWS locations were placed in high-traffic areas to make it easy for customers to locate and ultimately capitalize on sales opportunities. To create a strong branding presence, TWC utilized “Hi Life” pop colors, imagery and messaging. Tactical elements included fixturing, POS materials, tablecloths, rugs, table top displays, handouts, signing and monitors to communicate key messaging. The overall result was a cohesive, branded space where consumers can immediately sign up for TWC services.