E. Customer Relations Marketing
23. TV Spot or Promo or Other Video
Gold Winner

Feature Education CHSI

Cox Communications

Submitted by: Courtney C. Wood - Director, Acquisition Marketing - Cox Communications

Marketing Team: Mike Pacifico - Executive Director, High Speed Internet - Cox Communications; Rachel Hubscher - Director, Brand & Advertising - Cox Communications; Dawn Vaughn - Manager, Brand & Advertising - Cox Communications

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

Although Cox had 68% share of the residential broadband market other providers were challenging us with lower priced, slower DSL services. At the same time, VZ FiOS and AT&T U-Verse were rolling out to a wider area and challenging Cox on speed. Our market research indicates that “speed” is a key switching and satisfaction driver therefore it is central to the CHSI product position. However, a significant percentage of customers did not understand that Cox was the speed leader so we felt it was important to bolster this message with current subs.


The plan was to utilize our Feature Education creative format to communicate the CHSI product benefits. One spot was solely focused on the PowerBoost feature (PowerBoost Does it All), while another messaged the fact that we’ve increased speeds for current customers six years consecutively (No One’s Faster) and the third spot simply messaged our speed superiority over DSL (Speed’s the Key). All three messaged some form of speed, the key product benefit and positioned Cox as the leader, with the goal of driving consumer perception and satisfaction and improve retention.


TV spots were used which aired on cross channel, speaking specifically to our CHSI/video customer base which addresses 85% of the CHSI base.