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Local On Demand Engagement

SWIRE on behalf of Cox Oklahoma

Submitted by: Brenda Voorting - Director of Client Solutions - Swire

Marketing Team: Charla Murrah - Director of Marketing - Cox Communications Oklahoma Cox Communications Oklahoma

Creative Team: SWIRE Team: Joe Burke – EVP, Creative; Mark Snow – EVP, Planning & Analysis; Sara Simon - Account Manager

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

Our data analysis showed that AT&T U-Verse was poaching high value subscribers in a disproportionate way in the Cox Oklahoma market. AT&T was dramatically outspending Cox and had rolled out a series of aggressive acquisition offers. Our client needed tactics to help change the conversation with 1/10th the budget.


The strategy was to resonate with the target audience at the local level in a way that AT&T could not. The Oklahoma City and Tulsa communities have a local love of High School football. Cox has a distinct competitive advantage with live High School “Games of the Week” coverage, and replays exclusively on Cox On Demand. The message needed to be spread to and touched by the community, giving them a compelling reason to keep or subscribe to Cox video service. We also needed to do it with a very small budget of $13,030.


We started with postcards targeted to current customers defined as high-value and high-risk by a propensity to churn model developed by the agency. The postcard featured detailed football helmets with authentic logos, the “Game of the Week” season schedule, and Facebook/Twitter call-outs to encourage customers to follow Cox into the Social Media space. The message was compounded at the local level with inexpensive miniature footballs thrown into the stands by cheerleaders at “Games of the Week”. The footballs were printed with the Cox logo, teams, date and time of game; reminding fans to watch replays On Demand, only from Cox.