E. Customer Relations Marketing
23. TV Spot or Promo or Other Video
Silver Winner

Value is Elementary

Cox Communications

Submitted by: Courtney C. Wood - Director, Acquisition Marketing - Cox Communications

Marketing Team: David Pugliese - SVP, Product Marketing - Cox Communications; Tony Maldonado - VP, Acquisition & Mktg Sciences - Cox Communications; Rachel Hubscher - Director, Brand & Advertising - Cox Communications; Jennifer Schaknowski - Manager, Brand & Advertising - Cox Communications

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

The economic downturn had caused consumers to reevaluate how they were spending their money. Every purchase was being considered, cut backs and trade-offs were becoming the norm. In short, consumers wanted to make sure they were getting the most out of every dollar they spent. This was having a significant impact on the cable industry since TV, Internet and phone are among the first expenses consumers re-evaluate in a challenging economy.


We wanted to convey that it’s easy to see the value that Cox offers. So easy, in fact, that you might call it elementary. To illustrate this point, we used elementary school kids as our spokespersons. The campaign combined scripted and unscripted moments to accomplish our goal of illustrating that even kids understand the value Cox products deliver. This message was reinforced with a consistent campaign theme, “Cox. The Value is Elementary.”


The campaign was executed primarily in television and included some digital and PR components.