A. Acquisition and Upgrade Marketing
06. TV Spot or Promo
Bronze Winner


Cox Communications

Submitted by: Courtney C. Wood - Director, Acquisition Marketing - Cox Communications

Marketing Team: Mike Pacifico - Executive Director, Marketing - Cox Communications; Courtney Wood - Director, Acquisition Marketing - Cox Communications;

Creative Team: Bob Ballard - Lead Account Director - Periscope; Amber Graves - Account Supervisor - Periscope

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

As broadband penetration reached 70% and dial-up internet has shrunk to 5% of homes passed, Cox’s ability to grow its Internet customer base is clearly tied to taking more share from competitive broadband providers. Given that DSL owns the 30% of the market, we wanted to appeal to DSL users who typically have slower connections than Cox by pointing to our product benefits and making them reassess their choice of providers.


The plan was to tout the speed benefits of CHSI over DSL by using a “typical” family as the spokespeople. We wanted to make people realize that it’s not only them using the internet in their house but the whole family and many times a typical household has multiple users online simultaneously. We wanted to raise awareness to the fact that with this type of scenario, it’s even more important to have higher speed internet (not DSL) to support all of the various applications without degradation or long wait times.


In this TV spot, the Dad of the family talks about how his family switched to Cox because they all use the internet a lot and needed greater bandwidth to support all of the things they do online. He talks about his “old connection” (DSL) being unable to “keep up.” The final scene of the spot shows the camera panning out to reveal that the entire spot was actually on a laptop being streamed real-time via Cox High Speed Internet.


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