D. Competitive Marketing
06. TV Spot or Promo
Silver Winner

Welcome Back Campaign


Submitted by: Timothy Watkins - President & CEO - Renegade

Marketing Team: Marge Jackson - VP Marketing - Comcast; Rick Lang - SVP Marketing - Comcast; Amy Johnston-Smith - Director of Marketing - Comcast; Kim Whalen - Marketing Specialist - Comcast; Kate Lange - Marketing Manager - Comcast

Creative Team: Jennifer Leo Stine - COO - Renegade; Chris Beutler - CVO - Renegade; Jaime Robertson - Account Executive - Renegade; Jason Stern - Director of Production - Renegade; Jason Bloom - Senior Editor - Renegade

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

Comcast East Division was experiencing a churn of customers to Verizon and the Dish at the approximate rate of 2000 subs per month. They needed to stop the bleeding and improve brand perception in the East Division which consists of the following markets: Washington, D.C., Baltimore, MD, Richmond, VA, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Central PA and Southern New Jersey.


Tell the real story, using real people. Use real customers who left Comcast, tried the competition and then switched back to Comcast when they realized the grass was not greener. Pair with a nostalgic sond and also integrate real Comcast employees to combat the negative stereotypes portrayed by FiOS. and satellite.


8 x :30 TV spots (FiOS and Dish version/tagged and untagged version) 4 x :60 Radio Spots (FiOS and Dish version/tagged and untagged versions) 6- Single fold Direct Mailers, 6 x 11 finished size (FiOS and Dish versions) 6- 27 x 40 Call Center Posters, Newspaper Ad designs, Billboard Design.