D. Competitive Marketing
06. TV Spot or Promo
Silver Winner

Half Fast

Cable ONE

Submitted by: Varn Chavez - Voice Services Product Director - Cable ONE, Inc.

Marketing Team: Varn Chavez - Voice Services Product Director - Cable ONE; Marc Tobolski - Director - Direct Response Marketing - Cable ONE; Jan Moczydlowski - Video Services Product Director - Cable ONE

Creative Team: Mark Itkowitz - Senior VP, Creative Director - E.B. Lane; Peter Schaer - VP Visual Branding - E.B. Lane; Carolyn Peterson - Producer - E.B. Lane

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

Fewer customers to pull from dial up and a larger base of DSL customers made DSL companies an ideal target to acquire new High Speed Internet customers.


Strategy was to position DSL as an inferior product, as being half as fast as Cable ONE High Speed Internet. This was accomplished by using the phrase “half-fast” throughout the spot and pinning it directly to our competitor’s generic term for high speed internet: DSL. Goal was to acquire DSL customers and throw a monkey wrench in any dial-up customers who were considering DSL.


Video cross-channel spot was selected due to the nature of the “half-fast” positioning.