E. Customer Relations Marketing
18. Direct Mail or Print or OOH
Gold Winner

Comcast Red Sox VOD Promotion

Comcast - Greater Boston Region & Eclipse Mktg

Submitted by: Joan M. Coyne - Sr. VP Marketing & Client Services - Eclipse Marketing Services

Marketing Team: John Judkins - Director of Marketing, Greater Boston Region - Comcast; John Mataraza - Director, Program Development, North Central Divis - Comcast; Erin Spurling - Marketing Manager, North Central Division - Comcast; Amy Kelley - Manager, Program Development, North Central Divisi - Comcast

Creative Team: Roberta Rivinius - Vice President, National Accounts - Eclipse Marketing Services, Inc.; Erin Matthes - Marketing Manager - Eclipse Marketing Services, Inc.; Pam Wisneski - Supervisor, Client Services - Eclipse Marketing Services, Inc.; Jill Haydinger - Senior Designer - Eclipse Marketing Services, Inc.

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

Comcast Greater Boston Region faced the challenge of acquiring new customers and upgrading current customers to a higher level of service, in the midst of a highly competitive market. They also needed to establish relevant and meaningful competitive advantages to make them stand apart from telco and satellite challengers. These efforts to increase product awareness also had to be accomplished in a cost-effective manner in order to provide value to the operator.


Capitalizing on the Red Sox appeal and avid interest fans would have in "everything Red Sox", Comcast used education about their exclusive FREE Red Sox On Demand programming to drive OD awareness, usage and sales activities. By focusing on one benefit of being a Comcast digital customer (access to Red Sox OD), Comcast used compelling images and in-depth information to demonstrate the value and exclusive benefits of being a digital customer. Once educated and interested in the category, a simple offer and call to action was provided for non-sub Red Sox fans to subscribe.


Comcast chose a multi-tactic approach to reach its goal of increasing product awareness, usage and upgrade/acquisition within a competitive market. The targeted 8-page bill insert featured value-added, educational content in a visually appealing and cost-effective manner. The free-standing insert was used because its large format breaks through advertising clutter while achieving mass reach, increased impressions and greater awareness. By exposing upgrade customers to two forms of media, a consistent message was reinforced.