A. Acquisition and Upgrade Marketing
18. Direct Mail or Print or OOH
Bronze Winner

National Sales

Time Warner Cable Business Class

Submitted by: Denisse Goldbarg - Vice President, Marketing - Time Warner Cable

Marketing Team: Denisse Goldbarg - VP of Business Services and Training - Time Warner Cable Business Class; Alee Rouhani - Senior Director of Marketing - Time Warner Cable Business Class; Michele Capozzi - Director of Marketing - Time Warner Cable Business Class

Creative Team: Greg Kerns - Associate Creative Director - G2 USA; Rene Lehouillier - Executive Creative Director - G2 USA; Martin Berman - Associate Creative Director - G2 USA; Michael Saunders - Account Manager - G2 USA; Vanessa Magee - Associate Account Director - G2 USA

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) had the challenge of growing a brand in a marketplace cluttered with several well-established and well-funded brands. In addition, we had the challenge of distinguishing our brand in a commoditized category. We believe that a strong brand can help drive trust and trial with prospects and customers. A strong brand can also act as a unifying voice, with internal stakeholders and guide communications in a consistent manner. Our challenge with Time Warner Cable Business Class is to use their brand to help drive the business forward and become a trusted communications resource.


The campaign strategy focused on a select list of IT decision makers who were within headquarter locations that have branch offices inside and outside of the TWCBC footprint. We incentivized prospects with a two-part gift, which included a premium item inside a dimensional mailer and a higher-end premium item when prospects set up sales appointments. The strategy was highly personalized, referencing the national account manager by name and giving complete contact information (phone/email). This approach made it clear that each recipient was a priority and would receive individualized local attention when reviewing business needs and providing ongoing customer support.


A personalized dimensional direct mail package was used to break through the clutter and drive leads directly to the national sales representatives.