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18. Direct Mail or Print or OOH
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Cox Ultimate On Demand Guide

Cox Communications & Eclipse Mktg

Submitted by: Joan M. Coyne - Sr. VP Marketing & Client Services - Eclipse Marketing Services

Marketing Team: Erin Lambremont - Manager, Public Relations - Cox Communications; Bob Nocera - Director, New Video Services - Cox Communications; Denise Myers - Director, On Demand & Pay-Per-View Marketing - Cox Communications; Courtney Wood - Director, Acquisition Marketing - Cox Communications

Creative Team: Roberta Rivinius - Vice President, National Accounts - Eclipse Marketing Services, Inc.; Christopher Bachler - Marketing Manager - Eclipse Marketing Services, Inc.; Christine Cabrera - Designer - Eclipse Marketing Services, Inc.

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

In this fiercely competitive market, Cox Communications recognized that acquiring new customers was just the beginning, and that the real challenge was to keep them satisfied with their new service and retain them. On Demand technology has numerous competitive advantages. On Demand usage has been proven to increase retention; therefore, special attention should be paid to educate customers about it.


Cox Communications believes that an educated customer is their best customer. By organizing categories based on their On Demand location, and describing the networks offered within it, and how to access it, the guide flowed easily and gave readers an overview of everything offered by Cox On Demand, the benefits and how to use it. A "Did You Know" call-out was placed on almost every page to draw special attention to, and retention of, key facts.


The welcome book consisted of a 16-page guide. With headers on each page that showed On Demand path locations, customers were informed and instructed on how to make the best use of their Cox On Demand service. "Did You Know" call-outs were placed throughout the piece to drive additional attention to key facts.