A. Acquisition and Upgrade Marketing
01. Campaign
Bronze Winner


Suddenlink Communications

Submitted by: Nicole McElvain - -

Marketing Team: Jerry Dow - Chief Marketing Officer - Suddenlink Communications; Jill Costick - VP Brand Marketing - Suddenlink Communications; John Menendez - VP Retention Marketing - Suddenlink Communications

Creative Team: Lennon Courtney - Brand Creative Director / Writer - The Richards Group; David Hall - Brand Management Principal - The Richards Group; Morgan Ballard - Brand Management - The Richards Group; Matt Everitt - Brand Creative / Art Director - The Richards Group

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

For years, the home security market, has been dominated by large companies like Brinks (now Broadview) and ADT. However, with its high speed connectivity into the home (and existing customer relationships), Suddenlink is perfectly positioned to provide efficient and effective home security service, all from the same company customers already trust to bring valuable services into their homes. Our challenge was to establish awareness and credibility for Suddenlink Security, while adding innovations to the service to give current customers a real reason to switch from their current provider or to consider security for the first time.


It was important to do two things well. First was to establish Suddenlink as a credible provider of home security. Our tone and manner was to be factual, serious and no-nonsense; the reason we chose to use Jerry Kent, Suddenlink CEO, as our spokesman. Second, was to clearly communicate the product features and benefits, and differentiate from traditional systems. We showcased the camera, the key fob and the advanced notification features. The tagline “Connected. Protected.” communicates that this product is as much about lifestyle as it is about home security, allowing customers to stay even more “connected” to their home.


Naturally, since our target audience is current customers, we utilized cross channel television commercials, direct mail, statement marketing and digital banners. We also created posters for our retail centers. We carried the key theme of our campaign (“Connected. Protected.”) on yard signs and door stickers that current home security customers display, to reinforce our key message.


Our business results were: As of March 31, 2010, we have 7,346 Suddenlink Security customers and prior to this campaign we had 6,437. We have added a net gain of 909 customers since introduction of initial marketing. That’s a 14% growth in the base. By the end of April we’re trending to be at 1,600 net gain and a 25% increase in base size since the marketing was created. Our current projection for the year is to surpass the original goal by more than 20% to achieve 16,423 total customers within 12 months.