D. Competitive Marketing
06. TV Spot or Promo
Gold Winner

Broadcast Anti-DSL

Suddenlink Communications

Submitted by: Nicole McElvain - -

Marketing Team: Jerry Dow - CMO - Suddenlink Communications; Jill Costick - VP Brand Marketing - Suddenlink Communications;

Creative Team: Lennon Courtney - Brand Creative Director / Writer - The Richards Group; David Hall - Brand Management Principal - The Richards Group; Morgan Ballard - Brand Management - The Richards Group; Mark McKenzie - Brand Creative / Art Director - The Richards Group

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

With phone company DSL increasingly running aggressive offers, we wanted to create a differentiated message for our high speed Internet product. Our challenge was to show how Suddenlink’s service is superior to DSL because of our higher Internet speeds.


Our overall plan was to create a fully integrated campaign to convince DSL users to switch to Suddenlink. The support is that Suddenlink has faster speeds the phone company can’t match. Our approach was to demonstrate that hands down DSL is slow when it comes to Internet speed. The creative consistently illustrates this whether it’s giving new meaning to the acronym “DSL”, learning Japanese, or evening fixing a plow. Our goal was to make people smile while selling them on the benefits of switching to Suddenlink.


We used broadcast and cross-channel television to reach our broad target audience.