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Gold Winner

El Paquetazo - ¡Viva la mezcla!

Time Warner Cable NYNJ

Submitted by: Therese Berkowitz - Creative Director - Time Warner Cable NYC

Marketing Team: David Gray - Regional Vice President-Marketing - Time Warner Cable of NY/NJ; Kelly Atkinson - Vice President-Subscriber Marketing - Time Warner Cable of NY/NJ; Frank McKeon - Sr. Director- Subscriber Marketing - Time Warner Cable of NY/NJ; Drew Utman - Sr. Director-Marketing Analytics - Time Warner Cable of NY/NJ; Alessandra Otero-Reiss - Director- Multicultural Marketing - Time Warner Cable of NY/NJ

Creative Team: Heather Dworakowski - Manager- Partnerships & Promotions - Time Warner Cable of NY/NJ; Lyle Tick - Director of Account Leadership - Gotham Inc.; John Heath - Director of Account Planning - Gotham Inc.; Michael Jordan - Group Creative Director - Gotham Inc.; Pat Walsh - Creative Director - Gotham Inc.

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

The challenge was to create a new Hispanic digital video package that combined a budget-friendly selection of English and Spanish language channels, that would attract the middle section of our Hispanic market. Prior to this initiative, the packages that were offered included a higher-end Spanish language video package and an entry level Spanish Tier that included the Broadcast networks, but did not include English language cable channels.


The strategy was to convey our understanding of the cross-cultural NYC Hispanic lifestyle and embrace it. We would begin with a marketing blitz that featured the name of the package, “El Paquetazo,” and a tease message to peak the interests of the marketplace and create buzz. Then come back with a full-blown launch campaign that would promote the new package with the lifestyle message that we had identified as representative of our audience and a super simple tagline of what the package included: “Your life is a beautiful mix. And now so is your television.”


The media buy was purchased in two waves: the tease, and the launch. Both waves included: out-of-home: bus sides and tails, billboards, subways, wild postings and grassroots events and street teaming with giveaways. The launch also included English and Spanish bilingual Broadcast TV, radio, print and direct mail. The placement of bilingual spots in the general market supported our strategy of appealing to the bi-cultural identity of our audience.


In just seven months, the Time Warner Cable New York City Region connected 18,600 El Paquetazo subscribers, surpassing a year-end goal of 10,000 by mid-September. Promotional tactics began in April of 2009, to support the launch of El Paquetazo on May 20th. In December, bundled packages were made available at a discounted rate providing additional value to our Spanish-speaking base.