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01. Campaign
Gold Winner

Because I Live Here

Cox Northern VA

Submitted by: Tricia B. Stevens - Director of Product Management - Cox Communications

Marketing Team: Christine Pantoya - VP, Marketing - Cox Communications – VA; Tricia Stevens - Director, Acquisition & Loyalty Marketing - Cox Communications – VA; Konstantin von Vieregge - Sr Mgr, MarComm & Acquisition - Cox Communications – VA; Jessica Prihoda - Marketing Specialist - Cox Communications – VA; Jeff Lofgren - Production Manager - Cox Communications – VA

Creative Team: Tony Serna - VP, Creative - Agency 51; David Witz - Copywriter - Agency 51; Scott Muscarella - Vice President - Agency 51; Chris Poole - Art Director - Agency 51; Rick Pooley - Graphic Design - Agency 51

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

Cox Northern VA faced an increasingly competitive landscape as Verizon’s overbuild reached 85% of our footprint. FiOS advertising, which included a 10:1 over-spend, messaged low price points and also attempted to position cable as antiquated with inferior products. While Cox had previously marketed on the two dimensions of product and price, the FiOS entry changed the game via product commoditization and Verizon’s effort to buy market share with aggressive offers. We needed to improve our image that had been impacted by FiOS smear tactics, identify a better way to differentiate and execute well on the strategy.


In this competitive environment where we no longer differentiate on product or price, we activated a customer service differentiation campaign within marketing and PR as well as operationally to ensure that we deliver on the promise. We utilized local front line employees as ambassadors, messaging how each individual delivers the best customer service “Because I Live Here, Too”. The customer service differentiation was made tangible by highlighting our 2 hour appointment windows and same day installation, which our competitors don’t offer. Showcasing employees provided a face to our customer service while deflating the FiOS ads with the red-headed cable guy.


Our objective was to improve Cox’s image via effective customer service differentiation resulting in improved acquisition and retention. The campaign featured image, direct response and hybrid ads utilizing media vehicles most appropriate for the purpose. Image ads intended to improve retention and soften prospects were deployed in print and outdoor. TV ads ran on broadcast and cross channel with a strong call to action. Direct mail provided an opportunity to further detail our customer service differentiation while also showcasing a strong call to action. PR and HR utilized the same creative elements and messaging in recruitment flyers and event ads.


Cox NoVA’s customer service differentiation strategy successfully achieved our objective of improving Cox’s image resulting in improved acquisition and retention. Cox NoVA’s image improved over 2009 including a 9 percentage point increase in non-sub impression, a company high. Retention improved with controllable churn decreasing 15% by 4Q09 compared to 4Q08. Acquisition efforts also improved with customer service differentiation messaging. Direct mail to non-sub messaging our customer service differentiation yielded the highest impact with a 45% increase in response rate.