E. Customer Relations Marketing
24. Experiential Marketing or Events
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Time Warner Cable Arena Events

Time Warner Cable East Region - Carolina

Submitted by: Paul E. Starkey - Director, Creative Services - Time Warner Cable

Marketing Team: Mary Fout - Senior Director, Marketing Communications - Time Warner Cable East Region; Paul Starkey - Regional Director, Creative Services - Time Warner Cable East Region; Nichie Wilson - Manager, Events and Promotions - Time Warner Cable East Region

Marketing Summary

Situation Analysis

Time Warner Cable East Region - Carolina is often in the news concerning issues like rate increases and retransmission consent. Yet, throughout the year this region does significant work in the community, receiving minimal recognition as a partner to the communities it serves. Also, in an extremely competitive environment, there is a substantial need to deepen relationships with existing customers to prevent migration to competitors. Carolina needed to have access to a large-scale venue that offered constant opportunities to interact with diverse customer segments.


The first step was to significantly brand the facility, so the facility itself was an awareness tactic. Then the region designed and built a video gallery consisting of 72 high-definition televisions in the main concourse, providing a branding and advertising vehicle for Time Warner Cable in a high-traffic and captive environment. To deepen our relationships with our customers and the community the region worked with programmers to create free signature events involving some of the most popular shows on cable television, identified opportunities to provide discounted tickets, pre-sales, and autograph sessions to customers and free tickets to our non-profit partners.


Time Warner Cable customers are notified of customer appreciation opportunities at the Time Warner Cable Arena via email, monthly e-newsletters, crosschannel advertising, and stories on News 14 Carolina. Customers receive unique opportunities exclusive to Time Warner Cable customers for specific free events, ticket pre-sales and discounted tickets to arena events such as concerts, NBA basketball games, family-friendly events and more. Time Warner Cable also hosted themed-events, such as, Star Wars: The Clone Wars Night, SpongeBob SquarePants Night, Bobcats Open Practice, and a Demi Lovato private performance. Time Warner Cable Arena is featured in all arena advertising for constant awareness support.