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CES Updates with Leslie Ellis​

Where Were You During the CES Blackout? (1/11/2018)

CE​S​ 2018 Day Two Preview with Leslie Ellis (1/9/​2018) ​

CES Overview with Leslie Ellis (1/8/2018)

18 years of CTAM at CES with Leslie Ellis (1/8/2018)

CES 2018 Day One Takeaways with Leslie Ellis (1/8/2018)

A Trip Around the Innovation Showcase with Leslie Ellis and Angie Britt


Day Two, Innovation Showcase Intro (they didn’t get kicked out, by the way) (1/9/2018​)

Magic toothbrush for kids (1/10/2018)

Handheld pesticide residue detector (1/10/2018)

Pollution mask for city bicyclists (1/10/2018)

Cordless window cleaner (1/10/2018)

Flow Tech – prevents water damage in the home (1/10/2018)

21st Century Snow Globe (1/9/2018)

Fingerprint-detecting padlock (1/10/2018)

Smart reading glasses (1/10/2018)

Digital nose / schnoz / odor detector (1/10/2018)

Self-contained retail store unit for quick self check out (1/10/2018)

Giant 3D printer with possible skeleton head inside (1/10/2018)

Smart telescope and… smart dog bed? (1/10/2018)

Tennnibot robot tennis ball collector (1/10/2018)

Category: Video / Entertainment​ 

StreamTV: Eyewear-free 3DTV (1/11/2018)

Highlights from CES Sports Zone by Turner Sports (1/11/2018)

Turner Advertising with Dan Riess (1/11/2018)

Interview: Mike Sid from Media Morph (1/11/2018)

LG Electronics walk-through (1/11/2018)

DEMO: Connecting Samsung Accounts Across the Web (1/11/2018)

DEMO: Samsung Micro LED Technology (1/11/2018)

DEMO: Turner Robotic Art (1/10/2018)

A conversation with author and Brightline Cofounder and CEO Jackie Corbelli (1/9/2018)

YuMe TV and “me marketing” (1/9/2018)

A conversation with You.i TV (1/9/2018)

Category: Automotive 

Skully Technologies – “Fenix AR” Smart Motorcycle Helmet(1/11/2018)

Don Dulchinos Segment 3: Smart Cities (1/11/2018)

Don Dulchinos Segment 2: Connected Homes Connecting with Your Connected Car (1/11/2018)

Don Dulchinos Segment 1: Connected Cars (1/11/2018)

DEMO: Samsung Connected Car (1/11/2018)

Category: Health & Wellness 

MEGA Comfort  (1/8/2018)

Category: Connected Consumer / Connected Home 

Samsung “Bixby,” a voice control agent that listens and answers across devices. (1/11/2018)

Universal Electronics Nest Segment 3: Connected Home (1/11/2018)

Universal Electronics Nest Segment 2: Home Automation (1/11/2018)

Universal Electronics (1/11/2018)

Nest Segment 2: Home Management & Security Products (1/11/2018)

Google Nest (1/11/2018)

DEMO: Xfinity Intelligent Home, Part 1: Intelligent Wifi (1/9/2018)

DEMO: Xfinity Intelligent Home, Part 2: Home Security and Control (1/9/2018)

DEMO: Xfinity Intelligent Home, Part 3: Strategic Partnerships

ARRIS Connected Consumer / Connected Home (1/8/2018)

Category: Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning 

DEMO: IBM Watson Video Enrichment (1/9/2018)

ARRIS – What’s coming (1/8/2018)

Category: Wacky Fun Stuff 

NASA Had One of the Busiest Booths at the Show(1/11/2018)

DEMO: PETRICS – Canine wellness tracking (1/9/2018)

Day in Review

Day 1: January 8, 2018

  • Moving around Las Vegas this week may be more complicated than in previous years. Taxi routes have changed, according to the taxi drivers. Give yourself extra time to move between venues
  • Security is tight, but not overly so. Bags will be checked. Safety First!
  • While the show floors are not open yet – there seems to be a higher number of start-ups and incubator businesses than in previous years at the Sands. Also, there seems to be many more international companies. We’ll confirm this.
  • The automotive section was in high gear today. Several were already giving presentations. The Connected Car is a big topic– they’re in several locations throughout the city.
  • Arris is looking ahead to the Connected Consumer / Connected Home – and how to enable the services that will serve consumers of all generations and needs. Check out the video interview with Duncan Potter above.
  • Check out our ‘sole man’ overview – combining comfort with wellness.
  • Of course, it’s raining Las Vegas for the first time in over 100 days – but I’ll take it hands down over the sub-zero temps back east.
Day Two: January 9, 2018
  • Data data data, data data data. Data? Yes! Data! No big surprise, but, everyone is talking about data here. Our first three meetings, at the Aria, were heavy on how the data present in video/entertainment can be put to use to make B2B and consumer-facing stuff better.
  • “Write once, run everywhere” is actually happening, and in large part because of Facebook’s “React Native” framework…used by Walmart, Instagram, AirBnB, and lots of others. See more in the clip about You.I TV
  • The “intelligent home” is authentically happening. Pause the WiFi, get an end-of-day “clips reel” of what happened in front of the camera, onboard the things of the IoT — regardless of which “IoT ecosystem” from which they hail….it’s on and was on display in Comcast’s booth at the Sands.
  • FAANG: It’s a real acronym that you should probably know, because you’ll be hearing more about it — if you haven’t already. It stands for “Facebook Amazon Apple Netflix Google.”
  • Vegas does not do rain. It rained 1.5 inches today — the first moisture in 100+ days. Things we noticed: Cabs with little to no tread on the tires. Hydroplaning as an art form. Rain here is like a blizzard anywhere else.
  • Things you might need a few times in a lifetime in Vegas, but definitely today: An umbrella. A raincoat. Tires with tread.​
Day Three: January 10, 2018
  • The very best time to visit the always mobbed Samsung booth is 30 minutes before it opens. After 18 years … found THAT out!
  • TVs are now both big, and curvy. We did a drive-by at LG (see video), and while it seemed more suitable to theme parks than living rooms, it was for sure “oooh—ahhhh” grade.
  • Marwan Fawaz, the CEO of NEST, and a long-time friend and CTO colleague to the industry we used to call cable, is alive and well … and of the belief that home automation and security is also alive and well.
  • When it rains in the desert, after nearly four months without a drop, weird stuff happens. Like a sudden and unprecedented power outage in the Central Hall, which lasted for nearly two hours. We were there, and can say without question that when the power goes down at CES, it makes a definitive groaning sound … then utter silence … then clapping (“show’s over! Woot!”)
  • CORRECTION: As it turns out, it’s not that the taxicabs have tire tread issues. One cabbie, formerly from upstate New York (as many are) set us straight: Oils from cars and trucks and such leach into surfaces — in the Nevada desert, for months at a time. Then it rains, all at once. Rain forces those vehicular oils to the surface, making for lots of hydro-planing, tread or no tread. We stand corrected! And, to update yesterday’s list: Things you need in the desert when it hasn’t rained in four months: Umbrellas. A raincoat. Dawn Dishwashing Detergent. :-)
  • Seems like more International guests at CES this year, or we were more wired to hear conversations. Between us, we heard French (lots), German, Russian (lots), Spanish, Japanese (lots), Chinese (more than lots), and at least 10 more languages that we couldn’t identify.
  • One of the perennial categories we track is “the weird/fun/wacky.” What with the 1.5 sudden inches of rain in the desert (after nearly 4 months), and the consequent power outage at LVCC/Central Hall (a first ever), this CES, in and of itself, qualifies! Be glad you were where you were, and we were there!​
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