Hub Entertainment Research

“Entertainment, Explained”

Few industries have been disrupted by technology as fundamentally or as fast as television. While TV programming has never been more appealing to consumers, MVPDs and networks must find ways to fend off new competitors, offer consumers new ways to watch, and adapt to new ways of measuring and monetizing their product.

What we do:

  • Explain what’s happening: Custom and subscription research that tracks what viewers are doing, but also *why* they’re doing it—around key topics like show discovery, TV Everywhere, cross-platform advertising, etc.
  • Prioritize what to do: Analysis that distinguishes trends with the greatest impact on business from those that are just “noise”
  • Conserve your time and resources: New data about your viewers/subscribers delivered every 60 days, in a form that’s easy to consume, and for a reasonable price

Key Contact Information
Jon Giegengack
Principal, Hub Entertainment Research​