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The Informed Engagement Network (IEN) is a digitally-centric marketing/communications consultancy helping its clients solve serious business challenges through development of audience intelligence and messaging strategies… and ultimately through direct content production. At its core – it’s a business growth company – deploying journalists and digital strategists to better understand key audiences: – How they talk about the things that matter – Relative levels of influence – What they share – The attributes of the things they share – Where the top-shared content is most often found – And how these influencer/audiences are most commonly socializing content This intelligence is then used to develop content and distribution strategies engineered to move key audiences to particular behavioral action or understanding.

IEN was founded by Rick Kupchella, a long-time television news anchor and investigative reporter. His business partner is John Lansing, the former President of Scripps Networks.​

Key Contact Information
Jake Enyeart
Business Development Manager, i.e. network

Case Studies:
Employee Engagement – Alliance
Audience Engagement – Cargill
Donor Registrations – Be the Match
Product Feedback – 3M Cavilon
AI + CDS – UHC​​