Leveraging CTAM’s central position and unique view of the business, we have curated a compilation of consumer attitudes and perceptions towards our industry from a body of exceptional work being conducted by several member companies. This collective resource organizes the findings within relevant categories and provides a lens through which to view consumer behavior that can help inform and influence evolving market strategies and responses.

Impact of COVID

*SmartMove, Jeff Cole – USC Professor and Tech Scholar

So Many Choices

*SmartMove, Jeff Cole – USC Professor and Tech Scholar

Living Online

*SmartMove, Jeff Cole – USC Professor and Tech Scholar

Overall Consumer Concerns

Discover consumers emotional and financial concerns related to COVID and how companies can adapt for the current environment while also planning for the future.

  • Preparing for the long haul
  • Emotional and financial concerns
  • Adjusting to new life at home
  • Consumers’ trust in private enterprises and government
Connectivity in the Home

Insights on how connectivity in the home has changed with remote work, school and entertainment.

  • New Broadband Adoption Study
  • Working remotely
  • Impact of increased internet usage
  • Connectivity expectations
  • Delivering broadband needs
  • Educating in the home
  • Internet subscriptions (upgrades and likeliness to switch)
Connectivity in the Workplace

Up to date info on the current remote work environment and broadband needs.

  • Supporting local businesses
  • Employers remote working strategies and needs
  • Business changes
  • Business customer offers and flexibility needs
TV Viewership / Activities

Find out how COVID has altered TV viewership, entertainment activities, and platform usage.

  • Media’s influence on American lives
  • TV viewership metrics
  • Genres of content watched
  • Sampling of content
  • The absence of sports
  • Streaming media
  • Impact on subscription services
Household Moving

The impact of COVID on household moves, new connects and footprint impact.

  • Real estate environment and household moving plans
  • Breakdown of movers for TV and broadband connects
  • Consumer concerns with moving during COVID
  • Movers’ priorities during the process
Industry Response

Hear from leaders throughout the industry on the changes that impact us all and how we continue to support the different parts of the ecosystem.

Research Reports & Infographics

Access a curated compilation of COVID-focused research findings, infographics and white papers on consumer sentiment and behavior.

  • How COVID-19 is Impacting Our Industry
  • The State of Consumers Amidst the COVID-19 Virus
  • TV and Social Distancing
  • COVID-19: Key Questions All Marketers Should Be Asking
  • Navigating Uncertainty During COVID-19
Online Educational Resources

Tap into these educational resources and tools to help keep your executive education up to date during COVID.

  • Crisis Management for Leaders (five-program webinar series from Harvard Business School)
  • CTAM Wired Webcast: Pause. Think. Create (sparking creativity at home)
  • CTAM Europe Weekly Webcast Series
Industry News

View the latest news on how COVID-19 is impacting our industry as well as new strategies and innovative approaches from key players and companies.

  • The Virus Changed the Way We Internet (NY Times)
  • 8 Ways to Boost Your Internet at Home (TIME)
  • Keeping Americans Connected (FCC)
  • How to Survive a Brand Quarantine During the Coronavirus (Next | TV)

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