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New Broadband Adoption Study

Discover which demographic groups are gravitating towards cable broadband service during COVID, what they’re using the service for, and how to retain these coveted additions post-crisis in the new CTAM Broadband Adoption Study.

*Full study available to CTAM members

  • Working Remotely: Nearly 3 out of 4 Americans feel prepared to work from home (72%), but that depends on the wireless provider (in-home Wifi vs. hot spots, etc.) (HarrisX)
  • Seven in ten home internet subscribers are using the internet more (68%), overall since COVID-19, with almost half “a lot” more (45%). (Horowtiz COVID-19 Research & Resources)
  • 61% of U.S. households have added new work and/or study at home users, including 60% of households in May alone. (ShareTracker)
  • Connectivity Expectations: The vast majority of people expect their Wireless, Broadband and TV needs to be met (HarrisX)
  • Broadband providers are delivering on U.S. households’ needs in this time of crisis with over three-quarters rating their needs favorably in: (Horowitz COVID-19 Research & Resources)
    • 76% | Meeting needs in the household
    • 75% | Reliability in terms of outages
    • 71% | Meeting needs in terms of speed
  • Still, almost half of Americans are feeling slower speeds and connectivity issues as networks are getting overloaded. (HarrisX)
  • Secondarily, people are looking for their Internet Providers to waive late fees (16%), provide more speed (16%), service discounts/free service for qualified users (16%) and deferred payment options (15%). (ShareTracker)
  • Many don’t feel prepared to educate their kids at home. (HarrisX)
  • Nearly 1 in 5 Consumers are planning to upgrade their Internet service for higher speed in next 30 days, with 18% expecting to upgrade or switch for increased speed (ShareTracker)
  • 7% of respondents signed up for broadband service in the last 60 days (4% of that 7% signed up for an MSO broadband service). (CTAM/HarrisX, May 2020)
    • Switchers to MSOs were more likely to upgrade speeds (CTAM/HarrisX, May 2020)
  • 17% of all broadband additions were new and did not previously have in-home Internet before using free Wi-Fi and/or their wireless broadband, or doing without either. (CTAM/HarrisX, May 2020)
  • 57% of all new connects said they would keep the service after COVID with 79% of cable connects saying they would stay. (CTAM/HarrisX, May 2020)
  • Cable respondents in May were more likely to plan Internet upgrades than previously, as were DSL subscribers with Fiber users continuing to show the highest likelihood to upgrade or switch. (ShareTracker)

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