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  • When executives were asked about the impact of crisis on a range of measures, they say that funding for digital initiatives has increased more than anything else. (McKinsey & Company – Survey – Oct. 2020)
  • Respondents (company executives) are 3x likelier now than before the crisis to say at least 80% of their customer interactions are digital in nature, accelerating the digitization of customer interactions by several years. (McKinsey & Company – Survey – Oct. 2020)
  • Executives say their companies responded to a range of COVID-19-related changes much more quickly than they thought possible before the crisis with the greatest acceleration in the increases in remote working/collaboration, customer demands for online purchases/services, and the use of advanced technologies in operations.  (McKinsey & Company – Survey – Oct. 2020)
  • The largest digital changes in businesses due to COVID are most likely to stick in the long term including a significant increase in remote working, changing customer needs, customer preferences for remote interactions, as well as an increased migration to the cloud (more than twice as likely to believe these shifts will remain).  (McKinsey & Company – Survey – Oct. 2020)
  • More than half of business executives say they are investing in technology for competitive advantage or refocusing their entire business around digital technologies.  (McKinsey & Company – Survey – Oct. 2020)
  • Over one-third of business employers are having their employees work from home (remotely) (34%) with over one-quarter temporarily reducing/suspending operations (28%). (ShareTracker)
  • In addition, there’s also a need among one-quarter of business employers to create new security measures (25%) as well as have the ability to use and support more mobile devices (23%). (ShareTracker)
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  • Over two-fifths (43%) of businesses are experience some broadband service issues with 31% experience wireless service issues. (ShareTracker)
  • Business customers are most interested in offers that . . . (ShareTracker)
    • For Broadband:
      35% | Service discounts/free services for qualified users
      23% | Eliminating data caps, as well as waiving late fees
    • For Wireless:
      25% | Deferred payment options
      21% | Waive late fees and eliminate data caps
  • One in four Americans say they have already made an effort to support local businesses and over half say they are likely to do so to make sure those businesses stay afloat. (Horowitz).
  • Over three-quarters (78%) of Americans are willing to invest in local community businesses to help them survive the economic impact of the pandemic. (Horowitz)

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