Consumers who move households make up half of all TV and broadband connects.
  • Nearly 60% of adults who are currently planning a move reported their plans are now influenced by the coronavirus outbreak. While the reasons varied, the main reasons are taking advantage of low interest rates to buy a new home (26%), being unable to pay rent/mortgage (17%), and relocating to an area with fewer coronavirus cases (14%). (HarrisX)
  • 73% of those who are still planning to move are experiencing delays as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. (HarrisX)
  • The majority delaying their move are doing so for expected reasons: (HarrisX)
    • 31% | Under a stay-at-home order
    • 31% | Decided not to move until things return to normal
    • 20% | Have contracted the virus or are caring for someone with the virus
  • Among those who were not planning to move before, but decided to move after the COVID crisis, problems paying rent/mortgage (29%), low interest rates (25%) and being laid off (22%) were the top reasons. (HarrisX)
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