Predicting the Pandemic: Wave 2

Hub Entertainment Research: November 2020

Discover how close to a year later and restrictions become habits, consumers’ perceptions, behavior and entertainment decisions have changed.

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CTAM Broadband Adoption Study
CTAM | Partnered with HarrisX: May 2020

Discover who signed up for broadband service since the COVID crisis began, how they are using it, and who is likely to keep the service after the crisis ends.

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Webcast: The Latest News About the SMB Economy

Presented by Equifax

The latest status report on the small business economy, presented by Equifax and facilitated by CTAM’s Business Services Council. Available for CTAM members only.

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How COVID-19 is Impacting Our Industry

HarrisX | Covid-19 TMT Consumer Pulse

Access the public’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic across their personal and professional lives including how connectivity has become they keystone during this unprecedented time. Discover how consumers’ needs and concerns are shifting during the pandemic, the information they crave, and the impact it has on their technological and emotional needs.

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The State of Consumers Amidst the COVID-19 Virus

Magid | Consumer Poll: Week 9

Discover the consumer mindset and evolving behaviors impacted by Coronavirus through this weekly pulse study conducted to shed light on the implications for your business

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TV and Social Distancing

Hub Entertainment Research | March 2020

Gain insights from over 1,200 TV consumers in the U.S. about how the coronavirus and social distancing are changing their entertainment needs and choices

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COVID-19’s Impact on Household Internet Use and the Impact on Telecom

ShareTracker | COVID-19 Communication Changes

Critical data on how the developing COVID-19 pandemic is impacting consumer internet usage and what the biggest impact is from expanding quarantines.

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How Americans Are Coping with COVID-19

Horowitz Research | COVID-19 Bi-Weekly Tracking Study

Discover the changing impact of COVID-19 on Americans in how they cope with the new remote environment including the trust and perception of companies, local and national communities, and technology in Horowitz Research’s bi-weekly tracking study.

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COVID-19: Key Questions All Marketers Should Be Asking

Nielsen | Articles

Discover the global impact on advertising, marketing and viewership as a result of COVID-19.

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Navigating Uncertainty During COVID-19

Equifax | US National Consumer Credit Trends Portfolio Report

Strategies for optimizing your business performance in a slowing economy, as well as a weekly Market Pulse to support organizations of all sizes.

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