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Featured Categories

Smart Home, Office and Cities

Smart doors, electrical panels, smart cooking, lights, air and water detectors, stillness bath, building management, city management, firemen AR helmets, and crop manager platforms

Health and Remote Monitoring

Online medical diaries, teledentistry, remote health monitor, wireless wellness AI and age meter

Smart Sports & Training Services

Smart sports trainer, exercise wearables and clothing, sensor sports wall, connected rower, and portable exercise systems and guides

Artificial Intelligence

AI book reader, AI pets, smart dog collars, food scanner, AI trust detector, sleep bot, AI massage chair, and baby tech

COVID Masks and Touchless Technology

Self disinfecting masks, mask microphone amplifiers, temperature-taking doorbells, air purifiers and touchless tech

Internet of Things

Connected medical dosing, ceiling light health sensor, motorized digital telescope, fertility translators, smart glasses, earthquake sensor, and smart pillows and baby cushions

Video and TV

microLED Wall TV screen, rollable screens, 8K, transparent screen displays and solar remote control


Autonomous vehicles and construction vehicles, custom audio systems, eco-friendly cars, connected cars, autonomous drivers and ship captains, SkyTaxi, and co-carts

Robots and Drones

Camera drones, robot vacuums, one-armed robot helpers, and code teaching robots for kids

UI & Voice

Light field 3D video glasses, wearable devices and game controllers and 3D indoor maps for the blind,

5G Networks

Plastic films for 5G deployment, mesh network voice communication for outdoor sports and IoT advanced chip

Odds and Ends

While devices from smart perfume to contacts with screens, Bluetooth shower speakers, BeerMaker app, smart lipstick and lifesize 3D printers may not change the world, they are interesting

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