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Smart Home and Cities

Smart home devices, smart security, doors, electrical panels, smart cooking, lights, new gateways, wireless technologies and city-wide smart cameras


Immersive entertainment from affordable AR, actuated clothing, ambient powered remotes, and the latest in immersive gaming gear

Artificial Intelligence

Smart eye technology, AI assistants, AI for multilingual dubbing, smart AI cameras and more

Video and TV

8K LaserTV, OLED TVs, QD-display and portable projections/screens

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Accessible tech, health monitoring devices, wearables, connected exercise machines, sleep technology, and COVID tech


Electric cars, vehicle supply networks/SIM, 5G, autonomous cars, solar car panels, and electric motorcycles

Clarke Stevens Tech Report: CES 2022

† Please note that any opinions, views, commentary or recommendations about the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and/or any products or services participating in the CES made by Clarke Stevens are his alone and do not represent opinions, views, commentary, recommendations of Shaw Communications Inc., its affiliates or its management (collectively, “Shaw”) about the CES and Shaw does not approve, recommend and endorse of any of the products or services participating in the CES.