This resource provides members with timely knowledge and future-forward trends to consider new business opportunities, influence strategy and positively impact the consumers they serve.

From microLED wall TV screens to rollable, transparent and 8K displays, discover the latest trends and innovations in TV and video from the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show.

Cultural Brand Relevance

Tap into cultural diversity and inclusion to lead positive change for your staff and the customers they serve in order to better fuel innovation and growth, as well as to create relevant brand messaging for your target audiences.

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Global Youth – Voices & Future

Get a holistic pulse on youth ages 16-24 regarding their current outlook and on the future regarding social issues, mental health, media, entertainment, brands, finances, the environment, politics, aspirations and more.

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Sports Betting in Media

Discover how companies are positioning sports betting to be the next growth opportunity for the media industry and integrating it into their business strategies, as well as consumer interest in betting directly through the TV.

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Piracy & Consumer Videos

See how these industry initiatives are reducing the financial impact of piracy and how by identifying consumer behavioral drivers and executing a hyper-targeted communications plan, unwitting consumers can get informed and educated on the risks of accessing pirated content.

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Video Streaming Competition & Trends

Discover projections of the near-to-medium future of media and stimulated thinking on what might come next in the steaming “war”.

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