Animation Hooks Viewers

The animation genre lent itself well to the Covid-19 production environment so it’s no surprise we’ve experienced a boon in animated content. Many have pointed out this is simply a continuation of an already established boon – particularly in teen and adult animation – that started well before the pandemic, and now can be an opportunity for companies that don’t have a history of animation to explore it.

Magid’s EmotionalDNA maps the emotional landscape of video entertainment from the viewer’s perspective at scale using advanced quantitative analytics to identify the emotional qualities of a show or movie that correlate with performance. It’s the largest single-source, unbiased dataset of the emotional landscape of video entertainment.

Using this rich source of statistical insight, Magid is able to further break down traditional genres into richer, more nuanced classifications or taxonomies using Emotional Signatures.

Watch how animation can be a winning space for media creators and distributors

The Role of Emotion in the Animation Landscape – Key Take-Aways

  • Large diversification of the kinds of animation now available
  • Increasing outlets offering animation
  • Six distinct categories create enough white space for any producer to develop a strategy for testing animation
  • The data can inform how companies that don’t have a history of animation to explore it and map the type of content that plays to their brand strengths
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