In today’s world, reinventing corporate behavior is an ongoing necessity; tapping into cultural diversity and inclusion to lead positive change for staff and the customers they serve in order to better fuel innovation and growth. Learn how successful brands like Pixar and Google create cultural relevancy with effectiveness and sensitivity to invigorate practices that can best serve your customers and viewers.

Why Inclusion Matters?

  • Diversity of thought and diversity of demographics pays off over time and creates a sustainable business
  • Diversity of thought is foundational if a company wants to avoid disruption and innovate continuously over time to survive and thrive the changing marketplace
  • Diversity within the company helps ensure that your brand has cultural relevance, effectiveness and sensitivity

Improving Content and TV Representation to Reflect America’s Diversity

Given the socio-political shifts in the U.S., news organizations have a responsibility to reflect America’s diversity and be inclusive of all communities. Discover through Horowitz’s proprietary “Inclusive Journalism Audit” methodology for a major broadcast station group, a score card that measures the quantity and caliber of broadcast, digital, and social content across their stations to identify adjustments that better reflect the market’s diversity.


Curated News Informs Content Globalization Strategy

Understanding international cultural trends and narratives is critical to the media and entertainment industry’s ability to adapt, evolve and innovate.

In order to succeed in the global streaming wars, companies need to pay attention to the cultural mores in the countries in which they are distributing in order to avoid missteps in TV and film content that can lead to censure, offense and loss of revenue. View worldwide aggregated news filtered through a cultural, social and religious lens around TV and film content from Spherex’s World M+E News.

CTAM Think Webcast Recording: Collective Genius: Valuing Differences & Providing Equal Opportunity

Linda A. Hill, Ph.D.

Harvard Business School

Linda A. Hill, Ph.D

Professor of Business Administration, and Chair, Leadership Initiative

Harvard Business School

An in-depth look into tools and tactics for companies to keep great ideas flowing, fuel innovation and stimulate positive change during challenging times from one of the top experts on leadership, Harvard Business School’s Linda A. Hill.

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Advertising Culture Check

In today’s world, inadvertent racial and cultural negative connotations can quickly cause brand damage and lost revenue. Culture Check, Horowitz’s new advertising insights solution, is a rapid turnaround product that tests creative for cultural relevancy and sensitivity. Delivering a scorecard for key attributes and recommendations, Culture Check helps clients ensure their creative is effective and resonant.

Video: Testing Creative for Cultural Relevance and Sensitivity

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