Ad supported streaming market share increases while SVOD declines during the first half of 2021

  • Streaming services account for 45% of ad views, overtaking TV Everywhere (TVE)
  • Connected TV (CTV) accounts for 60% of total ad views with Roku and Fire TV devices continuing to lead market share with 43% and 26% of CTV views, respectively
  • The share of premium SVOD subscriptions declined for Netflix and Hulu but gained among new entrants during the first half of 2021

Source: Freewheel U.S. Video Marketplace Report: H1 2021 | View more insights from CTAM member Freewheel

Sept. 23, 2020 Webcast Recording

Discover projections for the near-to-medium future of media and stimulate thinking on what might come next from former head of global strategy at Amazon Video, Matthew Ball.

Matthew discussed the wave of competition in media and asserts a shift toward using video to sell other things, and that the steaming “war” is mostly won through synergies and monetization elsewhere by monopolizing a consumer’s free time, spend and data.

Matthew Ball

Epyllion Industries LLC

Matthew Ball

Managing Partner
Epyllion Industries LLC

The Three Waves of Competition

Getting content to consumers through a certain platform / acquiring subscribers

Ex. Launching an OTT streaming service and adding new subs

Having fulfilled access to most/all, now it’s all about making the best content for consumers to attract/retain subscribers

Ex. After Netflix reached a “utility-like level”, they focused on content to keep/draw viewers

Keeping and maximizing the value of a consumer through additional benefits, platforms, access points that improve the customer experience

Ex. Prime Video is an ideal example of a powerful “under the hood” flywheel – its success is typically evaluated around its contribution to Prime

Infographic Executive Recap and Presentation


Thinking Out Loud Podcast Episodes

In this special 2-part episode of Thinking Out Loud, Vicki Lins sits down with Matthew Ball, CEO of Epyllion Industries and former global Head of Strategy for Amazon Studios to explore the transitions facing media companies as new technologies and consumer behaviors dictate the tide of video and the next wave of competition.   

In part one, Matthew goes beyond the digital disruption and the rise of the cable bundle to explain how decades of competition in the media industry has created the current entertainment and media landscape.

In part two, Vicki and Matthew expand on the transitions facing media companies and discuss the impact of scale on content performance, distribution and cost, and how the “Streaming Wars” has settled into a convergence of content and tech.