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Nothing says “it’s a thing” more than having an in-depth tech conversation with a 19-year-old, on a Tuesday, and a 77-year old, on a Thursday, about how to watch TV online without paying for it. (In both cases, I wound up taking notes to relay back to colleagues.)

Unquestionably, the marketplace for pirated video content is escalating. According to research from Sandvine​ (which will be referenced throughout this Top Ten), 6.5% of North American households watch pirated video content. It’s becoming a bit of a cottage industry – CTAM, the NCTA, the MPAA, and their constituents are currently tracking nearly 200 pirate video sources.

Video piracy is as old as pay TV. Until now, it was like a low-grade infection, feeding on the edges of all pay TV forms: subscription, VOD, theatrical. Now, two accelerants – the Internet, and the inherent nature of open source software development – threaten to propel it into the “high fever” zone.

If there’s a pinpoint of hope in all of this, it’s that a giant cross-section of the consumer mainstream is unaware that they’re stealing content. Which means there’s room for education.

With that preface, please enjoy this edition of CTAM’s Top Ten Tech Trends, developed and curated just for you.

1. DMCA: File sharing is dead; long live file streaming!

2. If you haven’t heard of Kodi, it’s time you two met.

3. Legitimate streaming hardware is often home to… illegitimate streaming software.​

4. There’s a lot of’em! CTAM, the NCTA and their leadership are tracking roughly 200 different pirated video sources.

5. The financial impact is eye opening.

6. For lots of consumers, streaming pirated content is simply… additive.

7. Pirate streams don’t just impact revenues. They waste bandwidth, too

8. It’s not all bad news – some very public victories happened this year.

9. The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, or ACE, is committed to the crackdown.

10. Copyright holders all over the world are mounting their own defense.

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